Hi, I am a qualified, professional counsellor who supports both young people and adults to process stress, depression, anxiety and grief so that they can be present and lead enriched, meaningful lives.


I believe that collaboration and community is essential. You can find me partnering with others using the links below.

The Wellness Society

Three ways to be kinder to your inner critic.

Steps to Trusting Podcast

Is it wrong to feel angry?

The Wellness Society

5 Ways to Set Boundaries for the holiday season

You are NOT broken.

What if I told you you are not broken? How would you feel? Hopeful? Doubtful? Freer? There are two common ways to view people. As broken problems that need fixing or as whole, complete beings that simply need growing and maturing. Like all things in nature. I think that (in my society and culture at …

When hurt people hurt people.

When I saw the news reports of Jon Biden’s recent inauguration, and watched Michelle Obama descend the steps in her amazing maroon coloured suit I was reminded of her words “when they go low, we go high”. She endured a frustrating four years of watching on in disappointment with patience, integrity and virtue. And it …

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